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Consider Two Different Shipping Options Available for Your Online Business

If you are engaged in an online business then one of your concerns would be to ensure that the products you are sending to your customers should not be received in damaged condition. Choice of right shipping option with safe and sound condition can help reduce your customer’s returns, which can badly affect your profitability. Therefore, you need to choose either right size and type of mailing envelopes or choose shipping boxes.

Mailing envelope option

Quite often you have to keep your choice open between mailing envelopes and custom retail packaging boxes. For large orders, you may prefer great-looking box however you can choose custom printed mailer envelopes, in case of smaller orders.

Advantages of using mailing envelopes –

  • They are much less expensive than corrugated shipping boxes.
  • They occupy less amount of space on any truck and also in your warehouse. Therefore, both shipping as well as storage cost will be minimized.
  • They also considerably reduce labor required for packing as they do not need any big set up. Also, there is no need of any seal strip and peel to secure your contents.
  • The greatest advantage of mailing envelop is the flexibility in sizing. You will no longer have to pay for oversized penalty.
  • Shipping one to three t-shirts in a mailing envelope can be perfect.

You have a number of options while choosing the style and other combinations of the mailing envelopes. The choice will usually be influenced because of the following three considerations:

  • Whether you need cushioned or non-cushioned type of protection?
  • How many colors and what kind of graphic design/printing do you prefer?
  • What is the size of your order?

Shipping Box option

With shipping box consideration, size is an Important factor. If you are an online consumer, then you may recollect that at any point of time, you may have received your goods either in a bigger or too small box. You must have either of the following thoughts:

  • My items may be damaged!
  • What a waste of material!
  • Who needs so much of unnecessary filling?
  • Why don’t they send in right size package!

Any of the above reactions will create a negative impact on your brand.

Therefore, you have to select the shape and size of your shipping boxes such that you can easily pack your products and use a package that uses minimal extra space.

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