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Select the Right Wrench as Per Your Job

There are many varieties of wrenches with many different sizes and each of them are meant for certain specific kind of job function. Therefore, the best buy can be a complete set of all types of wrenches, which can be adjustable or combination ratcheting etc.

There can be too many varieties of torque tools and some are designed for single application. Following are few different types of wrench tools.

  1. Open-end wrench

Any open-end wrench will provide gripping power on 2 head sides with the other side open and hence the wrench is placed on any nut, that might not be easily accessible to any closed/box wrench. It has on each end different size openings and must fit the nut precisely to prevent harming the nut edges.

  1. Box wrench

Box wrench will have enclosed head that can offer more leverage, as it can completely enclose the nut. Few of them are offset to offer knuckle room and provides clearance over obstructions. Their size ranges from 4”- 16” long and can be obtained with either 6-point or 12-point rings. Few models also have ratcheting abilities.

  1. Combination wrench

This combination wrench is meant for working only on machinery and quite popular among all fixed-end styles of wrench. Available in reversible ratcheting combination also and the wrench can allow the user to tighten bolts and nuts quickly without lifting wrench off or repositioning after each rotation is complete.

  1. Adjustable wrench

These wrenches are available 2 styles:

  • Locking
  • Non-locking.

Non-locking styles has an adjustable end that can open with little provision available for slippage. There is an adjustable head on locking style but uses locking mechanism for securing jaws in any desired position, that eliminates the necessity for constant readjustment.

  1. Pipe wrench

Pipe wrench is meant for screwing pipes into the elbows or any other threaded devices. Jaws actually bite the surface for holding it to turn. Never use them on plated type of pipe installations as they will very badly spoil the finish.

  1. Socket wrench

Common square-drive sizes available are ¼”, 3/8” and ½”, and all these are used with any ratchet type wrench. Any sockets are with gripping ends of 6, 8 or 12-point both in inch and cm.

  1. Hex key wrench

Hex-key wrenches can be short, L-shaped tools for turning screws and bolts with hexagonal heads. You can get them in sets of varied sizes of wrenches

  1. Rachet wrench

Available in ¼”, 3/8” and ½” sizes and can be used with any socket wrenches. Popular accessories are flex handles, T-handles, speeder handles, extensions of different lengths.

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